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My name is Ioulia and I am an English teacher

Hello! My name is Ioulia Lioli, I am Greek and I speak five languages ​​(Greek, English, Spanish, German and Valencian). I have been in Spain for more than ten years and currently I teach English, at all levels, to a wide range of age groups, from Preschool children to adults.

In addition to being a certified teacher, English is and has always been a way for me to communicate with people from many different countries. I am currently in my 4th year of English Studies.

ioulia profesora ingles

«The basis of learning is a truthful relationship between people. Without trust and respect, learning is difficult.»

I am passionate about the role that English plays in bringing people from different cultures together. From my training in Political Science and thanks to the Education for Peace methodology, in my day to day I seek to:

deconstruct stereotypes

promote different traditions

gender equality

respect for others

care for the environment

Certified English Teacher

  • English Level C2 (native)
  • Spanish C2
  • Greek (native)
  • German (B1)
  • Valencian (A2)

«The best tool to improve the world we live in is through education at the local level.”»


CV and Training

  • English teacher with CELTA qualification (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the University of Cambridge.
  • Master’s in UNESCO Chair of Peace, Conflicts and Development at the Jaume I University.
  • Degree in English Studies: Language, Literature and Culture from UNED.
  • English teacher at Essex School, Castelló de la Plana language school, between 2012-2020. Head of Studies between 2018-2020.
  • Free time monitor.
carrera profesional
carrera profesional

Academic career

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