Summer Courses

Summer certification courses for EOI

Curso 100% online y a tu ritmo a través de nuestra plataforma de elearning.

Learn English and get ready to obtain the EOI certificate in 10 lessons, a total of 40hrs.  (35hrs. of classes and 5hrs. of corrections) training with a new methodology based on short modules of 35-40 minutes that cover all the necessary skills to be able to successfully do the EOI exam in the Valencian Community.

At the end of each lesson, a recording is sent to the teacher to correct the personal presentation, linguistic mediation etc., together with a writing to correct related to the subject of the lesson.

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Did you know that most academies have specific courses for Cambridge exams, but not for the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas?

The characteristics of the EOI exam are very different and that is why in Yes, I Can! English we have prepared specific study material for this certification.